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Dec. 29th, 2008

Firefly - Reading is Sexy


OMG! The Journal is near!

I just wanted to post that after almost a year and a half away, the journal came back to me. It's on to the very last person on the list now, and I trust that it'll return from her shortly. When it's back (again) I'll take pictures of everything we have thus far. Then, I'd like to open it up to anyone that would like to do another round of journaling. OR, if you have friends that might like to join in, have them join the community and add their names to the list.

Nov. 26th, 2007



The Journal

I did get the journal a while back. I meant to post much earlier; things just got crazy around here. It looks lovely! Well, excepting for my part. Heh.
I have my pages done, and am ready to send it on its way. :) I'm grateful for being able to take part in this project. It was neat. Thank you. :)

Sep. 14th, 2007



just an update

I am moving apartments this weekend so I've been packing like crazy the past few days. After we move I won't have the Internet for a little while (scheduling appointments with cable guys really is pretty horrible), and I probably won't be able to finally settle in and finish my entry in the journal until Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I definitely will be contacting the next person on the list as soon as I have access to the Internet again. Just wanted to put up this update before I left the Internet in case it takes longer than expected. :)

Sep. 10th, 2007



(no subject)

Just wanted to let you all know I received the journal today - it looks beautiful!

Sep. 7th, 2007

no fate


(no subject)

the journal has been sent to the next person on the list. i apologize for the lateness; i had to wait until i got paid to mail it!

Aug. 22nd, 2007

no fate


(no subject)

per cherith's guidelines, i'm just posting to let you guys know i have the journal and will be contacting the next person in line in two weeks! great work by everyone so far - it's been very interesting to read!

Jun. 12th, 2007



Journal #1 - Pictures

Front and InsideCollapse )

First Two Pages - UnfinishedCollapse )


Read Books, Will Journal - An Introduction

So, despite my best intentions, I'm thinking that a LJ community for this project may be the best idea. The only interest I got was from other LJ users, and it seems the best place to actually make announcements where people might remember to look at them. Not too mention I could never get the OpenID to work like I wanted, and phpBB seem to draw a lot of spam users.

1. Once you receive the book in the mail, please notify us here so we can all know where the book is, and that it's arrived safe and sound.
2. You have two weeks upon receiving the journal to make your mark upon it's pages.
3. You have the very next available two page spread in the journal to write, draw or go crazy on.
4. Somehow in those two pages you must mention:
.. a) The book you are reading/journalling about
.. b) The author of said book
.. c) Your name or handle, whatever you want people to know you by
5. How you choose to journal is up to you. You can write, draw/illustrate, employ 'creative destruction' whatever you'd like.
6. Whenever you're done, send both me and the next recipient a PM.

About Addressess:

I have two different thoughts about how to move the journal along.

1) Everyone gives the organizer for the journal (in this case, me) a PM with their address. As the journal gets to the next person, they send me a PM to receive the next person's address from me.

2) Once the journal gets to the next person on the list, they PM the next person on the sign-up sheet to get their address so it can be passed along.

With the first option, there's a lot of organization on my part (that I'm willing to undertake) but also a lot of trust on your part that I'm a good person. Smile With the second, there's much less trust needed in that you just communicate with the person sending the book to you.

Personally, I'd like to start with the second option as our guideline, with the option that you can totally supply me with your address if you think I'll be quicker about responding or something like that.

Please feel free to point your friends over here. For the first journal (hopefully there will be more) we've got about nine people signed up, which is good, but not enough to fill a journal, yet.